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100% new oak barrels, for 22 months depending on the vintage. Bottled without filtration in a single bottling.

SARL Louis Chèze

07340 LIMONY (France)
Tél : +33 (0)4 75 34 02 88
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Family property taken over in 1978 by Mr. Louis Chèze. The Domaine Louis Chèze is located on the top of the hillside of the commune of Limony, on the right bank of the Rhône, 60 Kms south of Lyon, in the heartof the Côtes du Rhône Septentrionales vineyard. Mr. Chèze started the adventure with 1 Ha of St-Joseph and a few vines to rent. Today the estate represents 39 Ha on the prestigious appellations such as Condrieu, St-Joseph, Côte-Rôtie and Vins de Pays. Since 2000, he is one of the forerunners with two winegrower friends to revive the fabulous Roman terroir of Seyssuel. Louis’ determination, curiosity and rigour are of the utmost importance when it comes to monitoring the vineyard and making the wines. Eachvintage is a questioning in order to obtain the quintessence of the terroirs. Numerous vintages with their particularities will delight the epicurean in you.

A.O.P. St JOSEPH " Anges"

Cuvée elaborated since the 1995 vintage, it is a parcel of old vines of 2 hectares located in the Limony hillsides at an altitude of 300 metres benefiting from a south-south-east orientation. Anges represents the finesse and delicacy of the Syrah.Geology of the soil: Granite element and dark migmatite.Grape Variety: 100% Syrah, 50 years old, yield between 26 Hl/Ha and 29 Hl/Ha


The vineyard: Reasoned vineyard management, spurting, green harvesting and manual harvesting.Selective sorting of the grapes on the vine, picking in 30 kg crates. The winery: Grape sorting on sorting table, 100% de-stemming, berry sorting on vibrating table, crushing, maceration and fermentation in low volume thermo-regulated vats and malolactic fermentation in barrels.


100% new oak barrels, for 22 months depending on the vintage. Bottled without filtration in a single bottling.

Carte Domaine Chèze

Organoleptic characteristics :

  • Visual aspect : Ruby colour, limpid and deep.
  • Olfactory aspect : Nose of great complexity, black fruits, sweet spices with fine woody notes.
  • Gustatory aspect : Frank and straightfoward on the palate with harmonious tannins, very long and persistent finish.
  • Serving temperature : 16 to 18°C to be decanted young 2 to 4 hours before serving.
  • Food/wine pairing : Small game in sauce, braised red meats.
  • Vintages : Cellaring potential 10 to 15 years.

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